The abnormally lively Awa Odori ended and when the party came to an end as well, the real deal began for me.
While on Obaasama’s lap hearing the new story I have received as a birthday present, the main event has started.


「Well then, we will teach you offensive sorcery from now on. I think that you know before me telling you, but offensive sorcery is dangerous. Even the simplest sorceries have plenty of power to kill and wound. That goes especially for you, who is able to build such precise formulas that even the existing sorcery could be called tactical class」

「In other words, Lily is amazing, you know! But because you are too amazing, we didn’t teach you offensive sorcery until now! Forgive me, Lily! I love you!」

【Kuti, I love you too! But it’s fine. There won’t be a chance to use offensive sorcery while staying in this continue reading anyway】

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